Knowing how to deposit at the casino is as important as knowing how to register at the casino. The banking area of the casino is where the player will find a choice of different ways for sending money to the casino and also making withdrawals from the casino. In the banking area of the casino the player is presented with a number of different options for sending money to the casino. These include the standard and reliable credit cards; Visa and MasterCard. In addition there are some third party deposit options offered. The third party deposit options are through e-wallets that need to first be opened by the player. Once the player has established his e-wallet, he needs to fund it. With funds in an e-wallet the player is ready to transfer money to the casino. The player can transfer money by clicking on his e-wallet choice and then entering the amount he wants to transfer and his personal registration details. The money is then transferred immediately to the casino. Every transaction made is 100% secure and encrypted ensuring the full and immediate transfer of funds with no need to worry about any kind of fraud.

Instant and Secure Withdrawals

Players may withdraw their winnings from the casino in the same way, but first they do need to get approval from the casino management team for withdrawing the funds. Approval is usually sent by fax within 24 hours of the request being made. Once the player has this approval, the funds are immediately sent and the player will see them in his account within a couple of day. All of the transactions are 100% secure and encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer systems.