One may like to think that at a well run casino there is no need for customer support well this is a grave error. Every casino no matter how well run it is needs a back up and a support team. The support team are not there to put out the fires because hopefully there are none to put out but rather to offer guidance and help and support for players who stumble or come across a hiccup at the casino. The PlentyJackpots Flash Casino offers players full customer service and support at all times of the day and night from any location and from any device that the player is enjoying the casino from. The support team can be contacted in a number of ways. The player should first peruse the list of frequently asked questions that appear on the help page of the casino to see if his query is answered. If not, the player can then contact the support team by calling the toll free phone number that is detailed or by sending an email. The best way of contacting the support team and one that seems to be the most effective is to click on the live chat option that appears at the bottom of each page. The live chat takes players directly to a live customer service representative who should be able to answer all questions in real time and if not will get back to the player in record time. The support team is a confidence booster for the player who is safe in the knowledge that there is always someone to turn to if the need arises.